Northeastern University is one of the first universities in china to develop adult higher education and modern distance education. and is the teaching and management unit of adult higher education. network education. self-study examination. Training and other forms of continuing  education.

The college aims to serve the society.  insisting on quality. developing  characteristics. adhering to the tradition of  “strict management of teaching. quality first” . The college relies on the rich education  resources  and strong teaching force of NEU. accumulates experience and resources. Establishes a continuing education system with foll types. Various forms and multi-levels. The college provides academic education and non-diploma education. Academic education includes four kinds of night education. Correspondence education. Self-study exam. network education; 107 specialities of undergraduate and junior college; 20 correspondence stations. Over 300 network study center. Up to now. the college has over 45,000 registered students of all kinds and over 8,000 registered students for self-study examinations. The college has trained over 100,000 professional talents. Non-diploma education cover 9 categories of professional technical training of mining,metallurgy,machinery,automation,information technology,etc.;4 kinds of comprehensive training of advanced business management. Comprehensive quality training of government cadres. Postgraduate courses and order-training; and various form of course training. Job training. Professional skill training. qualification certificate examinations. training over 3,000 persons  each year for enterprises and the society.                  

With excellent quality and good reputation. The college has won superior Departments and the public full approval. And has won several National college adult higher education advanced unit. Nationa examination for the self-taught advanced unit, Liaoning School-registration Management advanced unit, and has been identified as the Continuing Education Base of National Metallurgical lndustry. the 21th Century Talent Development lnternational Cooperation Project Training Base of Liaoning Province.                 

Facing the future. The college will adhere to the guiding ideology of “standardizing management. Pioneering and innovating. distinguishing   specialities. Building brands. facing demands and servicing the society”. Improve the level of school-running. strengthen the function of social service. Build a brand of further education. Make more contribution for the construction for the construction of China s life-long education system and learning society and become a well-known continuing education base.

Education Systerm


The adult education of Northeastern University was founded in 1952,and its teaching form covers night and correspondence eduction.The night eduction has 33 specialities of undergraduate and junior college,and has more than 20 correspondence stations.In the past 60 years,the college has trained over 70,000 applied talents with both ability and integrity.


Till the Spring of 2012,the network eduction of Northeastern University has set up more than 300 Network Eduction Learning Center,24specialities of undergraduate and junior college across the country,forming aperfect trainig system of modern distance education ,providing employees with multifunctional,multi-level,diversified and individualized education benyond time and space restraint.More than 25,000 students have graduated here.


Self-study exam in Northeastern University started from 1988. After 20 years of rapid development, it has developed into a self-study examination mechanism with multi-functions of school-running, examing and learning assistance. It has opened 22 specialities with exam priorties of junior college degree, applied bachelor degree, bachelor degree and the second bachelor degree has 6 assisting specialities and 3 qualification certificate examinations of “trainee engineer qualification certificate”, “Chinese logistics occupation manager qualification certificate”, and “Sino-British cooperation in procurement and supply management occupation qualification certificate”. It also has professional student stations with candidates throughout Liaoning province and the lnner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and more than 18,000 college graduates.


Northeastern University has started continuing education and training since 1985, adhering to the social demand as the direction, setting the core of improving the quality, integrating various resources of high quality, innovating service model and forming a human-oriented,production-oriented, application-oriented education and training characteristics.Education and training services cover 9 categories of professional and technical training of exploitation of mineral resources, iron and steel mentallurgy, information technology, mechanical manufacturing and automation and others; management training of administrative personnel and backbones of businesses foe the iron and steel metallurgy, high-end manufacturing industry, government agencies and other enterprises; and off-job training on the demand of individual enterprises demands and order.

Since 2010,the college has successfully held about 100 projects of cadres'comprehensive quallty promotion, senior management training and management training for the Anshan Iron and Steel Group, Shanghai GM(shenyang)Beisheng, Liaoning provincial department of water resources, Weifang Municipal Party Committee, the Construction Bank Liaoning branch and other units. In-depth cooperation with enterprises is strengthened.

On the basis  of the strong teachers’ force of NEU. The college gives full play to advantages of this famous university. Integrates   internal  and external resources. And establishes Adult Higher Education and Teaching Guidance Committee and Network Education and Teaching Guidance Committee. The school has hired academicians. Changjiang Scholars. Young and middle-aged famous teachers. Executives of larger enterprises and famous experts and scholars in other fields to participate in the teaching. which to participate in the teaching. which effectively guarantees the quality of talent cultivation.

The college has invested heavily in the construction of a set of modern computer rooms. Multimedia classrooms and network as the first-class hardware facilities and service system. the school has been responsible for and completed the development and construction of the project of “Distance College Education System in Northeastern University” affiliated with the National Development and Reform Commission. Distance education support service system. Yeda education management system. Self-study examination management system and business training services management system have been constructed successively. A “one-stop” teaching service platform is built to cater for various forms of education. The call center. Providing a set of services of short message platform. E-mail services. Online Q&A and telephone answering has been built. Capabilities of education support and service are continuously improved.

Adult education takes the pattern of alternative teaching and practice. And realizes the close combination of theory and practice. flexible teaching methods like project teaching. case analysis. Simulation teaching. seminars and other advanced methods applied to the teaching practice according to different courses needs. The school strengthens the practice teaching. making full use of the practical problems. Distance education takes the model of “students as the center. Teachers as the leading factor” . joining autonomous learning and cooperative learning. Students can learn in distance through the network classroom. Online teaching. courseware and self-study. forum. online homework and self-testing and other methods.

On the basis of the rich educational resources of NEU. the college builda a high-quality teaching resources system. Providing first-class teachers. First-class teaching methods. First-class teaching materials and first-class training base. The college has developed over 300 network courses. 260 stream media courseware. Among which the Basis of Computer Software Teaching is classified into ”National Quality Courses for Online Education” . The digital library is also constructed. Covering all maiors and 30,000 volumes of electronic books. A number of professional network simulation experiment platforms are set up.

Relying on Learning Center . Correspondence Stations (Teaching) and other sites as well as various forms of support means. The college provides students with a full range of learning support services. As of now . the college has more than 300 learning sites that are widely distributed in 29 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities ) . forming a modern education network with reasonable layout.

The College will integrate the student affairs into talents cultivation system. Adhere to the concept of “ education-oriented. Moral education for the first”. Set the goal of improving the quality of personnel training . consist of functions of education. Management. Guidance. Service and quality development. Constantly enrich and improve the contents of student affairs from five aspects of ideological education . daily management. Development guidance. Talent service. Quality development . innovate the work carrier. The college constructs the digital campus culture platform—origin website based on student characteristics and the actual work. providing students with a platform of education. Services and exchange and creating students’ online spiritual home The college carries out the “Alma mater” brand activities. Promoting students’ sense of identity and belonging. Encourages students’ communication and social practice activities in order to set conditions for learning knowledge and increasing abilities , insists on organizing science and technology culture festivals. Basketball games. New –year parties. And other campus cultural activities that students love to see and hear. enriching students’ after-school life……. The effective work promotes students’ all-round development and growth.

School-Running Characteristics

Rich education resources: Northeastern University has strong teaching forces and a wide range of disciplines of mining. metallurgy. automation . computer and so on 
Complete education system: the college covers the academic education and non-diploma education. Academic education includes four types and five levels of education. Non-academic training covers professional technology and integrated management. 
Off-job order training: according to customer demand. The school offers professional courses and classes. tailored for customers. Advanced teaching method: combining theory. practice. Case analysis and interactive communication 
Sharing teaching resources: joining adult education teaching platform and network education platform. Sharing high-quality teaching resources 
Flexible participation: providing non-diploma education and degree education interface, recognizing-mutual credits

Authorized Bases

1985, The college has been identified as the Continuing Education Base of National Metallurgical Industry 
1998. The college has been identified as the 21th Century Talent Development International Cooperation Project Training Base of Liaoning Province. 
1998, The college has been identified as Shenyang Continuing Education Base. 
2005. The college has been identified as Liaoning “ Double Type” Teacher Training base . 
2009. The college has been identified as Teachers and Management Personnel of Modern Distance Education Training Base. 
2009. The college has been identified as Liaoning Professional and Technical Personnel Continuing Education Base.

The college has always adhered to the tradition of “strict management of teaching. quality first”. has cultivated a large number of talents with both ability and integrity. and has won a wide range of social approval and the high praise. The college has won honors such as advanced unit of national adult higher education. advanced unit of adult higher education examination for the self-taught. advanced unit of the national adult education enrollment. advanced unit of Liaoning province enrollment. advanced unit of Student student status management.


  • 1.Office of Administration

  • Responsible for Administration,Human Resources Management and Party Member Affairs.

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  • Tel:+86 24 8368 0560
  • 2.Office of Admissions

  • Responsible for Degree-awarded Type of Study Recruitment and Off-campus Learning Liaisons Planning,...

  • Contact:
  • Tel:+86 24 8368 6986
  • 3.Office of Registry

  • Responsible for Student Registration, Archive, Diploma, Certificate and Tuition Fees Affairs.

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  • Tel:+86 24 8368 7583
  • 4.Office of Academic Affairs

  • Responsible for Outlining Teaching Agenda, Teaching Schedules, Coordination adn Examination Affairs.

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  • 5.Office of Student Affairs

  • Responsible for Student's General Affairs and Ideology Education.

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  • 6.Office of Self-taught Examination

  • Responsible for Students Recruitment and Management.

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  • 7.Office of Information and Technology Support

  • Responsible for Information and Technologu Support,Online Education Resources Construction.

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  • 8.Office of Technical and Vocational Training

  • Responsible for Developing and Technical and Vocational Training Programmes,Operating.

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  • 9.Office of General Training

  • Responsible for Developing and Operating Comprehensive Trainging Programmers.

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  • 10.Office of Commissioning Training

  • Responsible for Joint Partnerships Training Programmes, Developing and Operating.

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  • 11.Office of ShenheCampus Student Affairs

  • Responsible for Student Affairs in Shenhe Campus.

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  • 12.Office of Development and Research

  • Responsible for Annual Report, Assessment and Development Research.

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  • Tel:+86 24 8368 3891